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The Texas Rural School Spring Conference is about collaborating with fellow educators who work in rural schools to share successful strategies for this unique educational setting. 

Why Sponsor the 2019 Rural Schools Conference?

A sponsorship at the Texas Rural Schools Spring Conference means you can prominently market your organization and its products to educators in Texas, who are eager to develop partnerships as part ths unique educational setting. By displaying promotional material, such as eye-catching signs and giveaways, you can leverage your sponsorship to gain potential new clients and customers from rural school participants and other vendors. Your sponsorship ensures a visible commitment to an investment to education. 

All Conference Sponsors will receive the following benefits:

  • Sponsor recognition on the Rural Schools website, app, and social media campaigns before, during, and after the conference
  • Sponsor recognition on introductory keynote slides
  • Sponsor recognition on signage displayed throughout the conference

Sponsorship Opportunities

Through sponsorship, you’ll enhance attendees’ conference experience while increasing your company’s presence, networking opportunities, and impressions with customers.

Keynote Sponsorhips  $2,500 each (three opportunities available)

  • Sponsor recognition on keynote print and digital advertising
  • Sponsor recognition on signage displayed throughout the conference

Snack and Coffee Sponsorship  $300 – $500 

Coffee stations are always a hit at educational conference! We provide the opportunity for sponsors to highlight their company by sponsoring snacks and coffee that attendees will appreciate!

  • Sponsor recognition on signage for snacks and coffee in the exhibit hall
  • Sponsor recognition on Digital and print signage throughout the conference

Breakfast Sponsorship  $1,000 each (four opportunities available)

As attendees enjoy a breakfast to prepare for a day of collaboration and learning, we will highlight sponsors who contribute to make this possible. All breakfast sponsors will have:

  • Sponsor recognition during the welcome and introductions
  • Sponsor recognition on Digital and print signage throughout the conference

Lunch Sponsorship  $1,000 each (five opportunities available)

One highlight of the conference is a plated lunch that is included with registration for the conference. As participants enjoy their meal, we plan to acknowledge those who made this possible!

  • Sponsor recognition during the lunch keynote
  • Sponsor recognition on Digital and print signage throughout the conference

Product Sponsorships:

Lanyard Sponsorship  $1,000 (one opportunity available)

Provide a name tag lanyard to include your logo and have everyone wear your brand at the conference!

Registration SWAG Sponsorship  $1,000

Provide the conference with your company’s promotional swag to hand out at registration. We will need a minimum of 300 units to add to our registration bag.

Registration SWAG Bag Sponsorship  $1,000

Thank You To Our Sponsors

The Texas Rural Schools Spring Conference would like to thank our sponsors for their contribution to this inaugural conference

How Do I Become A Sponsor?

Please use the form below to let us know which sponsorship opportunities you are interested in. A conference team member will reach out to you after your form is submitted to finalize the details.