Who is the intended audience?
Attendee demographics consists of rural school educators – campus and district administrators, teachers, counselors, superintendents, instructional coaches.
How many participants are expected?
We anticipate an audience size of 200 – 300 participants.
Are there designated exhibit hall hours?
Yes, the planning team has designed a schedule that accommodates multiple dedicated “Exhibit” times. The exhibit hall is open the full time of the conference.
Are exhibitors allowed to present at the conference?
Yes, exhibitors will need to indicate the presentation is promoting a product on the proposal form.
Will food be provided for exhibitors?
Exhibitors are welcomed to lunch on February 27th and breakfast on February 28th. A person must be present at the booth during designated hours.
Are exhibitors allowed to bring food and beverages to the hotel?
Please contact the Sheraton Austin Georgetown Hotel events team for clarification.