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Steve Ventura is a highly motivational and knowledgeable speaker who approaches high stakes professional development with practical, research-based strategies. Steve is a former elementary, middle, and high school teacher. His administrative experience encompass those of assistant principal, principal, director, and superintendent. With expertise in leadership development, formative assessment and evaluation, curriculum instruction and design, and grading policies/practices, Steve takes the mystery out of solving the most urgent needs of schools and districts. Through his own reality-based experiences, Steve has inspired teachers and leaders across the nation to pursue higher levels of implementation with greater focus, rigor, and clarity. He has a strong moral aspect, intelligence, easy way with people, and saving sense of humor that support him in his life and work.

Keynote Presentation

Achievement Teams: The Key to Effective Collaboration
Sunday, July 19th: Pre-conference Session (2:00 - 4:00 pm)

Achievement Teams are collaborative teams in which teachers identify measurable performance goals and select strategies for improving performance. The purpose of these teams is to shift teachers from "looking" at data to understanding that improvement between students’ pre-test and post-test results reflect evidence of instructional success. The Achievement Teams protocol provides a structure for teachers to identify specific student needs and collaboratively decide on the best instructional approaches.

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