Chief Learning Officer and Executive Vice-President, PLS 3rd Learning

About Steve

Steve Barkley, Chief Learning Officer and Executive Vice-President of PLS 3rd Learning,
is internationally recognized for his ability to facilitate change through his teaching and
coaching. He is skilled in guiding systems and teams through the process of continuous
improvement with coaching, mentoring, and professional learning communities. Most
recently, Steve has concentrated his efforts on working with several districts in
leadership training, coaching skills, and establishing teacher professional development
goals, often focused on efficacy, agency, and accelerated learning. His dynamic energy
and focus, provide a model for the skills necessary for effective change in individual
teachers, teams, schools, and school systems.

He began his career in education more than 45 years ago as an elementary school
teacher. For the past 30+ years he has served as a consultant to school districts,
teacher organizations, state departments of education, and colleges and universities
both nationally and internationally. His development of strategies to connect with clients
virtually has greatly increased his availability for personalized facilitation and coaching.

Steve is a master teacher-of-educators, a highly motivational and riveting speaker who
is extraordinarily knowledgeable about life in schools. A catalyst for growth, he is a true
role model who practices what he teaches.

Keynote Presentation

Coaching For Acceleration Through a Focus on People

The “catch-up” language around “learning loss” misses the real power of quality teaching and learning. What’s the impact on students who hear a teacher say, “We need to cram in lessons to catch-up on what was missed?”  What’s the impact on teachers who are hearing more about where students are, than where we wish to take them? Instructional coaches and school leaders can assist teachers in changing this language with a focus on people. Building educator and learner efficacy and agency is key. Knowing teachers and students we can personalize their success pathways.

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