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Education Specialist

About Mark

My 17 years of diverse experience in education include serving as a middle school math teacher, an EB teacher, a SPED behavior teacher, a district Behavior Specialist and a district SEL Specialist. I strive to implement “be the change you wish to see in the world” with my daily interactions.

Session Information

Trauma: Its Impact on Learning & Behavior and Tools to Help

Trauma impacts learning and behavior. In this session participants will not only explore the impacts trauma has on learning but will learn trauma-informed strategies educators can use in the classroom to support students who have been impacted by trauma.

Integrating SEL into Academics (It’s More Than One Day a Week)

Integration of SEL skills into academics happens at different levels in the learning environment. Learn how to identify the three different levels and how to implement intentional moves and tools to move integration of SEL skills to a high level.

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