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Professor of Learning, Leadership, and Organizations

About Lora

Lora taught, mentored, coached and led in schools for a decade before joining Region 13 to teach and coach aspiring principals. Now, Dr. Delgado is a professor of learning, leadership and organizations at Vanderbilt University and works as a program evaluator, instructional designer, and leadership consultant.

Session Information

Feedback Without Tears: Empowering Coaching for Progress and Performance

Feedback stinks. Hundreds of keynotes, breakouts and books later, we still hate giving it and we still hate receiving it. Worse, we’re still really lousy at it, too. Studies estimate feedback improves performance only about 30% of the time. It’s time to stop the tears! This session introduces new methods based in positive psychology and brain science. Grow coachees through progress and guide them through setbacks with new strategies that keep them on the path to optimal performance.

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