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Instructional Coach, Region 13

About Lana

Lana Cecil has been an Instructional Coach at ESC Region 13 for 10 years. Her passions are innovation, research, relationship building, and student achievement. Some accomplishments include: Texas Lesson Study Facilitator, co-creator and presenter of the Instructional Coach Endorsement program, Co-Creator of Cards for Coaching, M13: MakerHappen, Co-author of MakerHappen: An Educators Guide to Makerspace in the Classroom, Co-Publisher of R13Coach E-Magazine,.Follow Lana on Twitter: @lana_cecil

Session Information

Instructional Coaching: The Basics

New to coaching? This workshop provides foundational coaching skills that can be taken back and immediately used to elevate your practice. Information will be organized into three categories that R13Coaches call “The Basics”. Be prepared to dive into the roles, types, and approaches of instructional coaching, and leave with the foundational skills needed to coach effectively.

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