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Director of Professional Learning

About Hanna

Hanna Schramm is the Director of Professional Learning for Comal ISD. With her expertise in instructional coaching and adult learning, she guides a dedicated team of instructional design coordinators in implementing the district’s instructional coaching program, mentor program, new teacher academy, project-based learning initiatives, and instructional technology enhancements. Through her strategic vision and commitment to professional growth, Hanna empowers educators to deliver high-quality, innovative instruction that maximizes student success.

Session Information

Mind the Gap: Better Humans in the Making

This session is a rallying cry for us to never underestimate the incredible power we have as educators. We are teaching humans to be better humans. We are laying the foundation for future doctors, educators, nurses, military members, and skilled trades workers. We are molding the future, one student at a time, and we must harness the joy that emerges from this great responsibility. This session will help to open doors of dynamic coaching opportunities for every teacher we come into contact with.

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