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Doctor of Counselor Education

About Paula

Paula Freeman, Ph.D., is a doctor of Counselor Education and has a passion for social and emotional learning. She resolutely believes student equity is achievable through data-driven school culture routines. Her experiences as a professional school counselor, bilingual educator, and special educator, in diverse school settings, help her provide powerful and positive support for school leaders.
Paula believes mindful reflection is essential to improving learner outcomes. She always brings an empathetic presence and strives to create learning environments where students and educators thrive.

Session Information

Embed SEL to Meet the Moment

Join a professional development session to discuss how multi-tiered systems of support help schools to build the most effective environment for learners, teachers, families and the entire school community. Many learners have experienced unprecedented levels of autonomy in behavioral expectations, academic learning, and time management. School personnel must create engaging environments, steeped in purpose and belonging, with the ultimate goal of building self-efficacy in academics, social competencies, and self-regulation.

To meet this moment, MTSS facilitators are invited to spend a professional learning session to build evidence-based instructional structures to embed social and emotional learning through engaging classrooms, meaningful relationships, and enhancing collective efficacy.


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