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Instructional Coach, Region 13

About Beth

Beth Lorenz is an instructional coach at ESC 13 with 16 years of educational experience. She is committed to working with teachers to devise strategies to overcome obstacles they may encounter so they can make a meaningful impact on their students lives and learning. She believes equity is a critical element of education and as such needs to be central to the education experience for all students.

Session Information

Grounded in Gratitude

In the ever changing world of education, we often find ourselves worrying about something in the future, something that hasn’t happened yet. We are so concerned with what will happen that we forget to appreciate what has happened or what is happening right now. Because instructional coaches and administrators are responsible for supporting so many others, we often neglect ourselves. In this session, we will explore how to develop gratitude for the here and now. We will also think about how we can use meditation to be better prepared for the challenging work we do everyday.

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