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About Angela

Angela Buckingham is a teacher, instructional coach, literacy coach, PLC team coach, and a coach of coaches who has more than 20 years of experience in education and 15 years of coaching experience. She believes in both the partnership approach to coaching and in the power of collaborative inquiry and learning. Angela is driven by her passion for teacher agency, student advocacy, and equity. She credits the coaches, teachers, and students she’s worked with over the years in developing her own ability to listen, learn, and grow. She is the co-creator of Cards for Coaching, Cards for Coaching: PLC Edition, and Cards for Coaching: Equity Edition, as well as the R13Coach E-magazine. Angela thrives on collaborating on innovative ideas to create a future where we all feel empowered to reach our highest potential.

Breakout Session

Maximizing PLC Team Capacity Through Connection and Differentiated Coaching

In this session, participants will explore how instructional coaches act as connectors, fostering synergy and alignment among PLCs, campus leadership, and instructional goals. Through a blend of practical strategies and insightful discussions, attendees will gain valuable insights into the multifaceted role of instructional coaches in driving meaningful change within PLCs.
Effective coaching isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. By understanding and applying the principles of coaching and connection, participants will discover strategies to bridge gaps, foster collaboration, and empower teams to reach their full potential.
Participants will:
-explore the coach’s role as a connector
-navigate the nuances of coaching various team dynamics, personalities, and skill sets
-understand how intentional coaching moves and questions can empower a team to set goals, work through conflict, and build collective efficacy
-engage in scenario-based discussion to apply learning
Whether you’re a new coach looking for strategies to start the school year or an experienced coach seeking new approaches, join us to discover coaching moves to unlock untapped potential and kick up PLC team capacity to new heights.

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