Joellen Killion

Author, Professional Learning Advocate, and Senior Advisor for Learning Forward

Joellen Killion is the Senior Advisor at Learning Forward and a long-standing professional learning advocate. In her work, Killion focuses on improving teaching quality and student learning.   Killion is co-author with Cindy Harrison of Taking the Lead: New Roles for Teachers and School-Based Coaches (2006), as well as the first edition of Assessing Impact: Evaluating Staff Development (2002).  She was featured in the School Improvement Network/Video Journal programs Instructional Coaching and Designing and Evaluating Professional Development.

Keynote Session

Coaching from the Inside Out

Coaches acquire many strategies, tactics, processes, and tools to use in coaching clients, either individually or in teams. Familiarity and comfort with these resources are two factors that influence how coaches integrate them into their coaching practices. Yet, what is even more influential in driving coaching practices is who a coach is. Fundamentally what a coach believes drives what a coach does. One’s mental models about coaching and learning, identity as a coach, fundamental beliefs and assumptions about the role of coaching, and mission as a coach determine how one thinks, acts, and speaks. Any effort to influence change in others begins first with changing oneself. Willingness to and engagement in deep examination of one’s identity as a coach is a core responsibility of successful coaches.

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