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About Kara

Kara Vandas is an educator with an enduring passion for empowering learners. She began her career in education at an alternative school for youth at-risk. Kara spent several more years in the classroom in public education as a middle and high school educator and then transitioned to coaching and professional learning positions that allowed her to support teachers and leaders K-12. Her current role as an author and consultant with The Core Collaborative takes her around the world to partner with schools and school districts. 

Kara is the co-author of Peer Power: Activate an Assessment Revolution; Clarity for Learning:  5 Essential Practices that Empower Students and Teachers; and Partnering with Students: Building Ownership of Learning and holds a Master’s degree of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Regis University. She partners with schools and districts all over the country in the areas of empowering students, growing learner agency, putting the research into practice, building efficacy in educators and students and more.  She also presents nationally and internationally at conferences, with a focus on learner agency and efficacy.  She and her family live in Castle Rock, Colorado, where they enjoy the outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

Keynote Presentation

The Anatomy of a Mastery Moment

What does it mean to have a mastery moment?  How do we foster motivation for change and growth in both students and educators? What enabling conditions must be in place? Have we considered how mastery moments can revolutionize learning in our schools?

During this keynote, we will explore how redefining how we notice, share, and build on mastery moments can impact an entire system, build self and collective efficacy, and propel learners and educators into an upward spiral of success.  That upward spiral will impact all learners in the system, building the dispositions of learning and the desire for more and deeper learning.  You are invited to listen in and discover a missing link in empowering learners and educators.

Keynote Breakout Presentation

The Clarity and Coaching Connection: How Focusing on Student and Teacher Clarity Can Impact Coaching Conversations

If you were to focus coaching conversations around powerful practices, what practices would you choose?  Why?  What if practices exist that can double or triple the rate of learning, would you want to use them in coaching conversations?  Join this session to learn how focusing on clarity of learning expectations can impact student and teacher learning.  In this session, we will

  • Examine the research on powerful practices related to clarity
  • Explore examples of success as to what that might look like
  • Discuss ways to focus coaching conversations and cycles around these powerful practices

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