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Instructional Coach/Coordinator

About Amanda

Amanda St. Hilaire- Casias has been a campus- based middle school Math Instructional Coach/Coordinator for 5 years at Northside ISD in San Antonio, TX. She has been teaching middle school math for 15 years. She works collaboratively with district curriculum specialists and campus leadership to grow as an Instructional Coach. She strives to help close the learning gaps of students through PLC (professional learning committees) and individual teacher growth.

Session Information

Leveraging the Mathematics Teaching Practices for Differentiated Coaching

Participants will discuss a strength-based approach to coaching mathematics teachers through the results of a study involving teacher reflection on areas of strength related to the Mathematics Teaching Practices (MTP). Math leaders will learn strategies to engage in dialogue with teachers about their knowledge, belief, and implementation of the MTPs by analyzing a teacher questionnaire and series of 1:1 conversation starters related to the knowledge, belief and implementation of the MTPs.

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