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ESC Region 13 COVID-19 Response for Special Education Website

Our special education specialists have created a Google site to gather all resources parents, teachers, and educators will need to help with special education services during COVID-19.

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Accommodation Central

Educators want ALL students to learn/succeed. We do, too. Given the appropriate accommodations students may reach their potential, but finding all of the current information on these supports is time-consuming. Our mission is to have one place with everything you need: appropriate accommodations, practical tips, deeper learning, and a secure connected community. Accommodation Central is your ONE online stop!

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Autism Circuit Toolkit

This is a place where educators can access highly effective and easy-to-implement strategies. The goal was to provide a resource that educators could reference during their lunch break, planning period, or after hours, and implement a tool almost immediately. Resources include pictures, videos, and downloadable templates.

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Core Vocabulary Toolkit

The goal of this site is to provide a well curated, dynamic AAC/core vocabulary toolkit for educational teams. Basic information regarding Core Vocabulary (CV), Vocabulary Selection, Vocabulary Organization, Assessment of CV, Implementation Principles, and Implementation ideas are provided. Printable Manual Communication Boards (MCBs) in a variety of formats are available to download, print, and implement with students who have complex communication needs.

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Library at ESC Region 13

We maintain a collection of Special Education related books, assessments, and other resources for loan to school district and charter school staff in Region 13’s service delivery area.

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Parent Companion: First Five Years

A guide for Texas parents and caregivers of children with diagnosed or suspected disabilities from birth through 5 years of age.

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ECSE Video Gallery

Check out ESC Region 13’s ECSE Gallery! The ECSE Gallery is a website that provides educators with evidenced based, instructional videos for early childhood.

Texas Statewide Leadership for Autism Training:

  • TARGET: Texas Autism Resource Guide for Effective Teaching
  • Learning Library
  • Resources

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Transition at ESC Region 13:

What happens when the school bus stops coming?

Students with disabilities and their families often wonder what life will be like after graduation, and what supports will be available when school services end.

Transition planning is a process that’s designed to answer these questions.

Visit this website for a dynamic collection of resources related to the transition of students with disabilities to life after graduation.

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Visual Impairment Resources

Resources for parents and teachers working with students with blindess or visual impairment.

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    Accessibility Statement

    Accessibility is a priority at ESC Region 13. We will automatically be providing live captioning. If you need additional accommodation, please register as soon as possible to let us know!