JUNE 22ND, 2020

Behave! 2020 Conference

A one-day digital conference for all those times when you just want to scream, “Behave!”

Fix bad behavior
before it starts.

Whether you’re collecting data, explaining classroom rules, dealing with difficult students, restoring relationships, or just trying to get through the day, we know behavior can be stressful.

That’s why we’re hosting our Behave! 2020 conference. It’s formed from those troubling times when, we too, have just been frustrated enough that we want to scream “Behave!” Instead, we’re giving you all the tips, tricks, tools, and strategies you need to avoid the scream and start handling behavior better.

Restorative Practices

Learn how to switch your discipline practices from punitive to restorative.

Classroom Strategy

Strategies to keep things engaging, efficient, and totally stress free.

Top-notch Training

Helping you understand the why behind bad behavior.

Behavior Resources

Resources to change your classroom from chaotic to calm.

Make a difference in your students’ lives.

Your students aren’t just learning how to be better students, they’re learning the skills necessary to be better adults. During this conference you’ll learn how to improve Social Emotional Skills and help your students learn how to cooperate, collaborate, express emotions appropriately, and so many more valuable life skills.

Sessions for you, no matter
your specialty

Sticks and Stones Will Break your Bones: Management of Social Maladjustments in School Settings

Focusing on students with social maladjustment issues.

Good Behavior Game

An approach to the management of classroom behaviors that rewards children for displaying appropriate on-task behaviors during instructional times.


Learn how to prevent and calmly address misbehavior and confidently implement research-based strategies to maximize student motivation.

Introduction to Aggression Replacement Training

An overview of aggressive students and the three main components of anger control training.

Flipping their Lid: Team Response to Escalating Student Behavior

Learn how to respond when students’ behavior begins to escalate. Learn how to collaborate and work together.

No Refusal "It's the the Law"

Review the legislation related to behavior, discipline, and mental health.

I Survived a Panic Attack!

Learn how you can guide your students through panic attacks, what triggers panic attacks, and how anxiety plays a hand.

Turning Around the Disruptive Classroom

This session focuses on establishing or re-establishing clear expectations, routines, and rituals that setup a productive classroom environment.