Elena Sammon

Prescription 13 Program Manager, Secondary ELA Instructional Coach, ESC Region 13

Elena Sammon is a secondary ELA teacher, instructional coach, PLC team coach, and a coach of coaches. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The University of Texas at San Antonio, and she has over 16 years of experience in education. She is the co-creator of Cards for Coaching PLC Edition, and her passions include research, collaborating and learning with fellow educators, and student empowerment. Outside of education, Elena is kept busy with cheering on her daughter at basketball games, exploring new restaurants with her husband, and trail-blazing with the family dog, Daisy.

My Sessions

The Impact Cycle for Coaching Teams

Ballroom G

How do we coach PLCs? Participants will learn how to adapt Jim Knight’s Impact Cycle to support the growth of teacher teams.


Lead, Facilitate, Coach: Shifting Roles to Support the Growth of PLC Teams

Ballroom C

Finding a balance when coaching teams is hard. How do I shift between leading, facilitating, and coaching a team toward growth? This session will focus on exploring roadblocks in PLCs, self-assessing the current reality of teams you coach, and examining tools and strategies that will help you create an action plan to improve PLC practice.