CIMA is a two-day conference with single-day passes available. It will be packed with an engaging keynote, featured speakers, and breakout sessions led by industry leaders and experts from the field. Each day will include ample breakout session offerings that will appeal to stakeholders in the fields of Bilingual, ESL, and LOTE settings. Specific breakout sessions will be announced after proposals have been reviewed.

For single-day attendees deciding what day is the best fit, know this: the breakout sessions on both days will leave you feeling energized and equipped to improve learning outcomes for the language learners you serve. The major difference between the two days will be the keynote and featured speakers. Day One will feature the conference Keynote Speaker- Feyi Obamehinti. Day Two will include the conference Featured Speakers – Luis Urrieta, Anna Matis, Marie Douglass, and Eva Guardiola. Attendees on Day Two will take their pick of featured speakers as these sessions will occur simultaneously.

Lunch will be included on both days of the conference, and participants will have the opportunity to visit vendors and exhibitors throughout both days.


What makes CIMA great is the unique intersection of compelling content and engaging presenters. Do you have relevant expertise? Engaging content that could benefit stakeholders in the LOTE, ESL, and/or Bilingual setting? We want to hear from you.