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July 10 - 12, 2019

ESC Region 13 • Austin, Texas

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Gifted Education Re-imagined!

Join us this summer for the Advancing Academics Conference. We're spending three days, celebrating and exploring STEM, Project Based Learning, Gifted and Talented, and Advanced Academic Students.

 We'll have sessions on incorporating depth and complexity, extending lessons and activities in the classroom, updates on the AP structure, STEM activities for early childhood, and plenty of other strategies, resources, tips, and tricks. Attendees will receive 18 hours of credit at the conference, and we'll provide information on how to attend discounted web-based courses in order to round out their transcripts to a total of 30 hours towards their GT certifications!








Keynote Speaker

Ian Byrd

Ian taught gifted students in California where he grew up as a gifted kid himself. On his journey to become a teacher, he earned a degree in Computer Science, briefly played bass in an almost successful rock band, and married a fashion designer. Ian now lives in Portland, Oregon where he writes about gifted education at and develops video for students at Byrdseed.TV.

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The Location

ESC Region 13
5701 Springdale Rd
Austin, Texas 78723

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